The illusion you will be able bodied forever and the limits of empathy

because I’m so tired of friends that are “well when you are BETTER”… and it’s not going to get better. Or even your friends that do have a chronic illness but they handle it differently… their pain and their coping is not your pain or coping skills.

Quick Thoughts

I have to remind myself again of the pitfalls of trying to communicate complex ideas within 140 character tweets. The other day I failed again.

tweet about being able-bodied

I hereby recommit to the rule that if communication is going badly in tweets, maybe retreat to writing a blog post. So here the blog post goes, because I think the idea I was trying to convey is important…

Learning from one of my psychotherapy patients.

When I was at the University of Michigan School of Medicine, I was seeing patients sometimes in a Family Medicine clinic at the mall and sometimes in the specialty mood disorders program of the Department of Psychiatry. I was mostly doing research, and looked forward to my 6 to 10 patients a week. Having so few to see, I could sometimes pick up a conversation from the last session quite close to where we had left off, in a…

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