Medicine isn’t Science

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Yankee Skeptic

I’ve been suffering from an immune response disease for several years now.  It’s been a very new experience, travels in the land of pain and medicine.  My faith in medicine has been somewhat shaken.  But my faith in humanity is quite a bit higher than it was before.

One of my friends wrote “Medicine isn’t  science, and it confuses people.”

Science is always self correcting, if not perfect, and always interested in what it doesn’t know.  Science has been around since humans have lived on Earth.  Science is always learning something new, or finding out something we thought was true, is not.

1916139_10205522150400299_2941570243061652017_n Medicine has a long way to go…

Modern medicine is very young.

Basic hygiene practices and antibiotics save many lives.  Modern vaccinations have cut childhood death rates.  Many illnesses such as polio have been almost completely eradicated.

On the other hand, cancer is still a bitch.  Often the…

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