Louise Bruton: Angry Disabled Girl

Had to SHARE, wonderful story and so true.

The Coven

“Do you mind me asking…” 

Those five words have the power to drain all personality and erase any past achievements in my life. I can predict what comes next. It’s never,“Do you mind me asking where you bought your jacket?” or “Do you mind me asking if anyone has told you that you look radiant today?” It’s always the same. “Do you mind me asking why you’re in a wheelchair?” And that is all I am reduced to. Everything else is white noise. 

Everyone is fairly average until you learn that they know full Beyoncé dance routines, because it takes time to discover the things that make people special. My mundanity is as follows: I’m 28. I love music. I drink gin, I walk the dog, I spend too much time on Twitter and I lip sync along to songs while filming on Photo Booth. This is all fairly humdrum…

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