Chronic Illness is a Ruthless Bitch, A Carers Story

My name is Ken Myrback. I’m Maria Myrback’s husband. You know Maria from her posts here and other places.
I’m  her primary caregiver. I personally hate that term. I’m her husband, who else is supposed to do this. Thanks to Kitty’s blog chronic illness sufferers have a place to vent and help each other. Cronic illness is an unapologetic bitch. Maria was having a pretty good day today. We are on vacation at an amazing resort in the DR. We went to the pool, we went to lunch. We took a nap since we were both tired.

Just one for dinner. It’s hard to make plans.

Two days ago we ate at Ciao, a restaurant here at the resort and it was ok. Maria’s first dish was over cooked so we sent it  back. The risotto she got was about on par with the risotto she has tried to make. She’s learning to make it. My food was good but far from the 5 star food it was supposed to be.  So we asked to talk to the kitchen manager. We got the head chef. Through our waiter as translator we voiced our concerns, assuring the chef we have both worked in kitchens. The chef was off Monday but to please us he asked if we would allow him to cook us a meal on Tuesday. I just inhaled the first dish. It was amazing.

But, with tears in my eyes, I am having this amazing meal, alone.

great meals shouldn’t be eaten alone…

   Because cronic illness doesn’t care what plans you make. You live or rather survive by cronic disease’s schedule.  Because cronic illness is a ruthless bitch.

  I’d like to encourage other carers (yes its a madeup word, it’s my article) to write about their experiences. The sufferers aren’t alone here, neither are you. I’m fortunate, i have the time to devote to her, but how do you with full time jobs do it?





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